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The beginning of Urban's Edge™

Urban's Edge™ was born out of desperation to improve my quality of life.  Living on dozens upon dozens of medications to be able to function through pain and discomfort on a daily basis, I needed to seek a healthier alternative for myself that would improve my quality of life. Through that, the product Fallin’ Apart™ was created and my company, Urban’s Edge™ was born. 

 It made me realize how natural oils and herbs can become great alternative therapies. Everything is made in-house and under my guidance to ensure you receive the quality you have come to expect from Urban’s Edge™. I have enjoyed this journey and I hope you love our products just as much as I do. 

Love & Light,


Urban’s Edge™ is a woman-owned business.

Urban’s Edge™ products are crafted and produced in the United States from sustainable sources and are cruelty-free. We currently sell to over 600 retail stores Nationally and Globally.

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