Urban's Edge™


A lime and coconut fusion that elevates your senses with Urban’s Edge hydrating bath bomb. Our pure Therapeutic Essential oil blends relax your mind and elevate your soul. We use Bentonite clay and superfood antioxidant Camu Camu powder to aid in improving skin conditions along with our moisturizing body oils and butters to nourish your thirsty skin. While our bombs fizz and foam like the rest, you will clearly see these bath bombs are a step above the rest. Each bomb is energetically-charged with Reiki and includes clear quartz sand within the bomb to amplify the bomb's intent and cleanse the energy of the bather.
Just like all of our other products, our natural bombs are free from dyes, chemicals and synthetic fragrances. All of our ingredients are Non-GMO, Sustainably Harvested, Wild Harvested, and/or Organic.
*Each bath bomb is sealed in an eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, clear polyolefin shrink wrapped film with ingredient label. Toppings will be compressed upon seal.
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