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Beginner's Mediumship Intensive Retreat September 18-20, 2020


Beginner’s Mediumship Intensive Retreat

September 18-20, 2020


Space is limited. Your space is only held with in full payment.

This 3-day weekend intensive retreat is designed for the beginning medium who knows they have abilities, but doesn’t quite know how to harness the information flow on-will and needs development work of their metaphysical senses. This is not for the full-time career mediums.

In this intensive mediumship workshop we will be very hands-on in using our abilities. Students will learn the difference between our brain hemispheres and how they need to work together to create a memorable reading. We will explore various techniques to connect with spirit and how to connect even though spirit is there but not “speaking”. Through these techniques we will explore double linking, evidential information, unhooking, client-based mediumship vs. spirit based mediumship, and how to deliver messages to our clients among other training you will receive.

Stacey Martin, instructor, has intensively trained with International psychics and mediums and continues her education at renowned Lily Dale Assembly in New York. She also works with various police departments across the country on missing person’s cases.

Limited space is available.*

Friday: 10-6:00

Saturday: 10-6:00

Sunday: 10-6:00

There are no refunds, exchange, date changes available.

I had one of the most transforming experiences of my life this weekend because of Urban’s Edge. While I have taken numerous workshops - which all have been phenomenal and have helped me grow as a gifted person - but this weekend I participated in Beginning Mediumship 1, a 3 day retreat focusing on recognizing mediumship abilities and how to strengthen and hone skills. My experience level should have put me in at least Medium 2, but I wanted to start at the beginning to familiarize myself with Stacey’s teaching style and terms I may have been unfamiliar with. My goals for this retreat were to hone the skills I have, to pick up tips and be a part of a “think tank” to hear how other like minded individuals accomplish what they do and see if that worked for me personally. I also was hoping to learn a new ability. Well, WOW. Stacey completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did I very recognizably get stronger in my abilities, but I also learned the basics of psychometry (something I bombed at before) and was able to receive accurate information on the objects like I had never before. Stacey also explained the ethics on giving readings and how to run a professional reading, which had never been discussed in any workshop I had attended before. The other gifted individuals in the class have become really close and we all have a bond. These workshops really are transforming, transcendent, and just plain amazing. Her product line was used throughout the workshops for numerous reasons, and they work. I noticed an increase in intuition, connection, etc, after they were applied. A “thank you” doesn’t seem enough to Stacey and her family for how much they have given to me without them even knowing it, but that’s all I can say. So, thank you Stacey. Everything about Urban’s Edge is wonderful, especially it’s owner 

 You are such a valued part of my life!

Nacole W.

This weekend I had an amazing time. First I'd like to say i met some pretty amazing people... i had an absolute blast and got to really discover who i am and what my capabilities are and where i need to focus and grow. This is the first time I actually felt myself in a long time so thank you all

. Stacey Martin you are truly amazing and I knew the first time I met you you'd take me on the path I needed and here we are almost 3 years later.. I connected to my surroundings in a way I can't even put into words.... thank you everyone for making me feel like me! Heres to another chapter in my life with these awesome talented women!

Any H.

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