Urban's Edge™



The warmth of a nice cup of Chai tea on a crisp autumn day lingers in the air

while you are snuggled up in your favorite sweater

under a comfy blanket is what Urban’s Edge™ Cozy Chai feels like.

A beautiful balance of smooth and spicy

with the sweetness of clove peaking through

creates a magical aromatic spa-like experience

while the oils will hydrate and nurture your thirsty skin


Urban's Edge™ Hydrating Body Polish uses pure, responsibly sourced ingredients and essential oils to create a luxurious spa-like experience. 

It will leave you with radiantly hydrated skin. Our Vegan-friendly formula is infused with energetically-charged Clear Quartz Sand to truly give you a therapeutic mind, body and soul experience. 

Masterly formulated for optimum results.  

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